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Nubiyan Twist

Collective born from Leeds’ eclectic music scene with a unique sound that draws from jazz, hip hop, African styles, Latin, R’n’B, reggae and electronics.

Natty & The Rebelship

Having sold many records and performed in countries across the world, Natty says: “bringing people joy and healing has been my greatest works.”


A ten-piece, funk-oriented band based in Warsaw which aims at overturning the understanding of funk as an easy-listening sound of cruise liner discos.

Concept of Thought

Their sound has made a significant impact on the contemporary perspective of music and has been labelled a breath of fresh for UK Hip Hop.

Amy True

One free-thinking, British-born, London-based, Irish/Ugandan poet, rapper, singer and songwriter who creates conscious Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz in a variety of ways.


Mesadorm's emotive and skilled melding of the pastoral and synthetic is the result of a unique combination of experienced musicianship, diverse cultural tastes and the strong bonds of friendship.

Town of Cats

An ever-mutating municipality of musical misfits from Brighton. High energy funky performers with some rap thrown in for good measure.

Rebel Control

Rootsy riddims topped with super tight horns and soulful vocals. Digging deeper lyrically than ever before, Rebel Control explore themes of friendship, consumerism, and battling against the system.

Jesse Walton

The multi-instrumentalist Jesse Walton burst onto the music scene in 2017. His quivering vocals and catchy hooks masqueraded as folk songs thrust him alongside the front runners in ambient folk music.

Count Kujo

Through mixing diverse genres such as Jazz, Afrobeat, Roots Reggae, Funk and Latin, they construct narrative tapestries reflecting the ancient spirituality of West African culture and contemporary experiences.

The Brass Funkeys

Drawing from the traditions of New Orleans with skilled musicianship, this band rolls from spirited second line revelry to soulful jazz funeral marches and pumping brass-driven funk.


A band of internationals, based in Brighton, performing a dynamic blend of rock and soul that is easy to groove to, yet nuanced and unorthodox in its approach.


Witch music for animals. Animal music for witches. Familiar music for witches' animals.

India Blue

A Faerie-Folk artist from Kent who brings magical music to the human realm. With an array of instruments and a unique voice similar to the likes of Kate Bush and Joanna Newson, India's songs are haunting yet soothing.

DJ Tent

WXMB 2 - Women of Music Business Sunday Takeover

A back to back female electronic DJ line up - NIKS - JAN3T - Nikki O - Alex Yaz - GABS

Alex Yaz

From garage to the house that raised her, her set will span a range of genres with songs all guaranteed to raise your spirits.


Inspired by everything that disco stands for: freedom, unity and the right to party.


This gal's obsession with new, fun & fierce tunes is set to brighten your day.


Whilst bringing her deep house sets to many festivals, she is ready to raise the roof and soul of all.


Her sets span from leftfield euphoric cuts to floor filling disco & house, leaving no prisoners on the dance floor.


Conleth Forde

Irish legend, bringing disco, afrobeat and techno feel good vibes.


Expect to hear melodic singing and percussion from the plains of Africa, undertoned by the stomping sounds of Berlin city streets.

Dj Dazwell

Brighton Gay Pride arena DJ. Bringing an array of electronic old and new hits.

Mahdi Mu

Founder of renowned Zu Studios in Lewes.

McCann Brothers

Irish soulful inspired electronic duo.

Jimmy Lobe

It’s salsa time, amigos!

Will Softmore

Ecstatic, eclectic electronica. From chill to melodic techno, to deep house, to glitch hop, to progressive and...

Mick Fuller

Member of Radio SoulShyne. Soulful grooves for funky people.

Conor Patterson

A live electronic set at its best.

More line-up announcements coming soon!