Musical delights

Lose yourself in raw instinctual rhythm.

Live Music

Natty & The Rebelship

Having sold many records and performed in countries across the World Natty says: “Bringing people joy and healing has been my greatest works”

Nubiyan Twist

Collective born from Leeds’ eclectic music scene with a unique sound that draws from jazz, hip hop, African styles, Latin, R’n’B, reggae and electronics.


Ten-piece, funk-oriented band based in Warsaw which aims at overturning the understanding of funk as an easy-listening sound of cruise liner’s discos.

Town of Cats

High energy funky performers with some rap thrown in for good measure

Concept of Thought

Lewes based conscious hip hop

Amy True

London based conscious hip hop

Rebel Control

Brighton reggae legends


Emotionally moving. Remember the 2016 John Lewis Christmas ad?

Count Kujo

10 piece brighton based modern jazz band

DJ Tent

WXMB 2 - Women of Music Business Sunday Takeover

Back to back female electronic DJ line up - NIKS - JAN3T - Nikki O - Alex Yaz - GABS

Conleth Forde

Irish legend, bringing disco, afrobeat and techno feel good vibes.


Expect to hear melodic singing and percussion from the plains of Africa, undertoned by the stomping sounds of Berlin city streets.

Dj Dazwell

Brighton Gay Pride arena DJ. Bringing an array of electronic old and new hits

Mahdi Mu

Founder of Zu Studios

McCann Brothers

Irish soulful inspired electronic duo

Jimmy Lobe

Salsa time amigos

Will Softmore

A creator of ambient, electronic and healing mixes who performs at magical locations, like Buddhafields 2018

Mick Fuller

Member of Radio SoulShine

Conor Patterson

Live electronic set at its best

More line-up announcements coming soon!