Are we all mad?

We live in a mad world, ruled by mad leaders with mad intentions...
Yet when we stand up against the odds they label US mad!

Beneath the Plastic Truth...

lies the key to our world’s youth. It’s aging and crying, what can we do to stop it from dying?

environment • sustainability • awareness • empowerment • conscious living • community • change

Friends of Chema & Kizzi

Poverty is a cycle. It can be broken. That’s why any profit made at this festival goes to

nonprofit • charity • female genital mutilation • sustainable agriculture • building schools • protecting wildlife

The Scavenger Hunts...

in darkness no more. When reality is MAD…Everything flips HERE. Is that an animal’s cry in the wind? Where has fallen the last living tree? The ticket is your first clue. Who you become is not our fault.

immersive theatre • game • treasure • tribes • madness • characters • clues