Are we all mad?

MHA is a sustainable music festival inspiring positive change in a number of ways.
Some might call us MAD for Making a Difference!

Friends of Chema & Kizzi

Poverty is a cycle. It can be broken. That’s why any profit made at this festival goes to

✦ Our sister non-profit charity at current works across Sierra Leone, Uganda and Madagascar. She is only young but is rapidly growing and making a change to many of those less fortunate.

✦ Building schools, improving education, preventing female genital mutilation, empowering women, supporting orphans, protecting wildlife, alleviating poverty through implementation of long term self-sufficient practices.

✦ Mad Hatters' Affair organizers are working free of charge, with the intent of helping make a better world.

Beneath the Plastic Truth...

✦ No single-use plastics will be provided by any of our traders and all cutlery will be used on a rotational basis.

Unity is Power

We are committed to working with carbon neutral and local businesses:

✦ Both the festival and charity websites are powered by clean energy, hosted by Kualo.

✦ More of a beer lover? Hop Yard Brewing Company, based in Forest Row, will quench your thirst with any one beer from their varied selection.

Great, Great, Great...Grandmother Knows Best

✦ Did you know, paying attendees' transport to festivals contributes to the biggest output of carbon dioxide over anything else at a festival? This is why we charge for parking and limit the amount of spaces: to discourage it where possible.

✦ Encouraging carpools and public transport usage to cut down on emissions.

✦ Colour coded recycling bins as well as general rubbish bins will be provided across all grounds.

The Scavenger Hunts...

in darkness no more. When reality is MAD…Everything flips HERE. Is that an animal’s cry in the wind? Where has fallen the last living tree? The ticket is your first clue. Who you become is not our fault.