Tools for Change

Fix it, craft it, make your hands work…from the earth’s litter.

*All workshops/talks/activities are free of charge except those marked with a * symbol.

Comedy Workshops

Come and have a go at live stand-up comedy with the hilarious Matt Hoss, Andrew O’Neil, Jamie D’Souza and Hassan Dervish.

~ Saturday ~ Sunday ~


5 Rhythms

Movement is the medicine, the meditation and the metaphor. In this workshop Nena Nenadic transcends dance. Together we peel back layers, lay our masks down, and dance ‘till we disappear.

~ Friday ~ Saturday ~


Salsa lessons

Jimmy Lobe teaches salsa at Brighton’s Revolution and Honey Club/Shoosh. He will also be DJing across the weekend so you can put all your hard work into practice.

~ Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday ~


Boot Camp

A fun and inspiring full body work out in the fresh air with personal trainer Catherine Dodd.

~ Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday ~

Shamanic Trance Dance

Trance Dance is a powerful practice that has ancient shamanic roots, for healing and to receive visions and guidance that can bring transformation in our lives. Live didgeridoo and drumming over deep dance music.

~ Sunday ~


The Sussex Drum • Batafon Arts - West African Dance • Survival Tactics • Make Your Own Shopping Bag • Deodorant Making Class • Craftivism... and more!

Delirious Talks

Discover the fruit of the poisonous tree. Explore reality. How many outcasts spark a firework?

Global Governance

The Bigger Picture – Agenda 21. Talk with Mark Windows, Sandi Adams and Piers Corbyn about the reasons behind 5G technology, regeneration, SMART cities and how these are part of a global action plan.

~ Sunday ~

Circular Economy

Talk with Dr. David Greenfield, Managing Director at SOENECS LTD, about the Circular Economy; what it is; how it relates to you; and who’s currently doing it?

~ Saturday ~


Sea Shepherd

Talk with a registered marine conservation charity whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife across oceans and the UK’s coastline in order to conserve and protect ecosystems.

~ Saturday ~


Veganism • Fast Fashion • How to Protest Peacefully • Alternative Forms of Activism • Documentary Screenings + Discussion Panels... and more!

Zen Zone

Reform the self on serene terrain.

The Dreaming Circle

Welcome and Blessing by Ricardo Goni, an ancient healer formed in the Mayan world (Mexico) and Shippibo tradition (Peru). Ricardo is also a trained Gestalt psychotherapist.

~ Friday ~


Lucid Dreaming

Introduction to a practice that helps people go smoothly into the state of conscious dreaming. An interaction with our subconscious state of mind which is based in the Transcendental Meditation and Ancient Mayan traditions. This can be experienced as a very vivid visualization.

~ Saturday ~


Life Alignment

Experience a transformational healing system of body, heart and mind with Ali Deva Sono. Life Alignment provides the means to free ourselves from the past in order to live fully in the present and in the process to discover our purpose in life.

~ Sunday ~


Inner Mastery

A talk with Claire Ross about ancestral plant medicines which can help in opening up new pathways to express consciousness. An opportunity to experience the sacred snuff known as rapé.


Hatha Yoga

Start every festival day with a gentle morning stretch, breath awareness and relaxation under the guidance of Karen Dodd.

~ Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday ~



Experience the art and science of energy cultivation with Paul Vincent. Through time, work and enquiry we deepen our perception and understanding of the universal energy (Qi) which have benefits to health and well being.

~ Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday ~


Cacao ceremony*

An ancient Mayan tradition that helps to vibrate with the intelligence and wisdom of the heart, recognise what is stagnant and remove it.

~ Saturday ~

*Pre-purchase required. Available on our ticketing page for £15


Massage • Reiki • Mediums • Reflexology • Tarot... and more!

Delicious Plants

Another drop in the ocean, not milk in your tea. The guilty pleasure, bites better. If it’s feeling…let it be.

Enjoy a selection of wholesome vegan food from different corners of the world.